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Auchentoshan Whisky’s Chic New Urban Packaging

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New packaging launched to attract millennials and younger whisky drinkers.

Auchentoshan, the urban based malt distillery from the City of Glasgow, has today started rolling out vibrant new packaging across their American Oak, Three Wood and 12-year-old expressions. The new colourful design has been introduced to encourage younger scotch whisky drinkers to share, mix and enjoy an Auchentoshan together.

The colourful new packs will be on the shelves in Scotland and around the world from early November.

Auchentoshan 3 Wood Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

Auchentoshen Whisky is a quite unique Scotch Whisky. Firstly, Auchentoshen Distillery is Glasgow’s City’s only distillery and secondly, Auchentoshen is the only Scotch Single Malt that is (like most Irish Whiskey) triple distilled. This triple distillation gives Auchentoshan Whisky a lovely light and very approachable spirit quality.

For this reason, Auchentoshen is a whisky that I often include in my own international whisky tasting events, particularly if I am hosting whisky tastings for inexperienced whisky drinker or whisky beginners.

In celebrating city life in their label art, Auchentoshan tell me that they

“hope to appeal to a new generation of whisky lovers who are looking to enjoy new and shared experiences. The new packaging will appeal to urban consumers and city dwellers who might not have experienced Auchentoshan before and will be tempted to enjoy a smooth Auchentoshan tipple with friends”.

Eileen Livingston, Senior Director of Scotch Whisky for Beam Suntory, (the owners of Auchentoshan Distillery) said that:

“We want to move away from traditional stereotypes that are connected with Auchentoshan and single malt by encouraging younger drinkers to share and enjoy an Auchentoshan cocktail with their friends. The launch of our bold packaging to reflect our urban positioning is the first step to doing this.”

“Auchentoshan is triple distilled for a smoother taste and is therefore the perfect whisky to enjoy neat or mixed and shared with friends.”

I think that Auchentoshen are onto a winner here in positioning themselves as “The Approachable Scotch Whisky for Beginners or New Whisky Drinkers”. This is a role within the world of Scotch Whisky marketing that carries some reponsibility. I can think of no more deserving  brand than Auchentoshan to be that role model.

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