Bushmills Irish Whiskey tell me that they have just unveiled two expressions from its 2023 Causeway Collection which will be available exclusively on the island of Ireland. 

These expressions are part of the 2023 release, the fourth, of the Causeway Collection from “the world’s oldest licenced whiskey distillery“. Curated and selected by Bushmills’ Master Blender, Alex Thomas, it features nine rare cask-finished Irish single malts boasting finishes in diverse, rare and unique casks from across the globe. 

Both expressions have been carefully selected by Alex from Bushmills’ aged reserves They are a 2010 Cognac Cask and a 1999 New American Oak Cask.   

The 2010 Cognac Cask is a limited-edition cask strength, non chill-filtered (it doesn’t need to be as it at cask Strength) single malt that has spent seven years maturing in OIoroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels before being finished in fine cognac casks from the Charente region in France for a further five years.  

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Speaking about the release, Alex Thomas commented:

“This is a sensational whiskey which we tasted two years ago and laid down again to allow the magic of the cask infuse the whiskey, and the result is truly exceptional. The years have intensified the cognac’s Ugni Blanc grape aromas, resulting in a single malt bursting with ripe pear and buttery honeycomb with layers of deeper cinnamon spice, leather and dried fruits.”

The second exclusive release for the Irish market is a 1999 New American Oak Cask. This limited-edition, cask strength, non chill-filtered (ibid) single malt has spent an incredible 23 years patiently maturing in the finest virgin American oak casks. 

Alex revealed: 

“This unparalleled single malt has spent its entire life maturing in the finest new American oak casks. We filled the casks with new make spirit and left the liquid untouched, to marry with this wood. The fresh oak imparts layers of rich flavour over time – wonderful vanilla intensity, coconut, warm spice and creamy chocolate. 

“The decades have amplified the rich oak notes, adding layers of caramelised fruit and cinnamon, leaving a deep, sweet velvety vanilla finish with warm wood spices. It’s a sensational whiskey that stands with the best of Irish single malt!” 

A striking new bottle and pack design have been revealed for the collection this year to complement the beauty and excellence of the whiskey within. Their understated and timeless elegance come as a bold statement by Bushmills in the realm of prestige single malts.  

Alex continued:

“The sensational whiskeys in the Causeway Collection deliver bold, untold waves of flavour that pay homage to the heritage and natural landscape of Bushmills. We are delighted to share these very special innovations for whiskey lovers throughout Ireland.”

  Bushmills say that each decision from the cask selection and seasoning process, to the bottling and packaging is a testament to “Bushmills’ relentless pursuit of perfection, and their vision to continue crafting ground-breaking and prestigious single malt whiskeys”.  

Bushmills Causeway Collection, Alex Thomas, 1999 American Oak Cask Finish, Charente Cognac Cask Finish, Irish Whiskey Blogger, Stuart McNamara

The 2010 Cognac Cask and the 1999 New American Oak Cask will be available through specialist retailers and to purchase online across the island of Ireland from 9th November.   

Only limited bottles of the 2010 Cognac Cask will be available, bottled at 53.8% ABV, non chill-filtered and priced at €125/£115 for 700ml.  

Only limited bottles of the 1999 New American Oak Cask will be available, bottled at 50.1% ABV, non chill-filtered and priced at €450/£425 for 700ml.   

 I haven’t received tasting samples I’m sure that so I can’t provide tasting notes. Based on previous tasting reviews I conducted two years ago on what I am fairly sure were the same cask vintages from Bushmills, but bottled for a different brand, I’m very much looking forward to sampling both new expressions in due course.

For more information visit www.bushmills.eu/causeway-collection or follow  @BushmillsIRL  on social media.


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