Lambay Whiskey – Batch 4 Cask No 2545 –Lambay Single Malt- Single Cask Strength – Limited to just 409 BOTTLES.

Time for a tale of time and tides. My good friends from Lambay Whiskey have been to touch to announce the release of Single Cask Strength -Single Malt- Cask No 2545 this Autumn to their growing whiskey fanbase. Following on from the Spring release this year of Cask 4613, this limited edition, exclusive bottling from Lambay Whiskey is a definite for Irish Whiskey Collectors and Aficionados.

Lambay Cask Strength 2545 Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

Lambay Single Malt is a triple distilled malt whiskey, bourbon cask matured and finished in cognac casks close to Lambay Island’s shoreline housed in the bonded warehouse called the Sea Cask Room. Unique and exclusive, the Single Cask Strength expression of Lambay Whiskey Single Malt is a pure taste of island life and Cask No 2545 is the fifth release of twenty in this exclusive Premium Cask Program. Limited to just 409 bottles to be released on Lambay’s E-Store ( and markets such as Ireland and Europe (FR, ND, IRE, DE, UK).

All cognac casks used in the finish of this whiskey have been hand-selected for their rich aromatic profile and intense concentration from leading independent cognac house Camus  who themselves finish their exclusive Cognac on cliff side maturation halls on Ile de Ré island on the west coast of France. Wholly finished in these cognac casks, but now by the shore of Lambay Island, seasons have passed and infused the whiskey with maritime notes, evident in the salt and brine flavours in this expression.

Lambay Cask Strength 2545 Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

The maturation warehouse on Lambay’s western shoreline offers perfect conditions for maturation. The island holds a micro-climate of its own, always one or two degrees warmer than the mainland and perfect for cask maturation. Sea-spray and the island’s natural botanicals infuse the wood as the Lambay Whiskey Single Malt matures.

“With each cask we release from this exclusive collection (where only 20 casks of this type will be released to the world), we observe and appreciate how whiskey fans collect and savour these bottlings of our unique whiskey”.  commented  Jean-David CostergManaging Director of LIWC

Each bottle from Cask No 2545 is recorded with a batch number on the label along with the rare signature of Lambay’s Master Blender –Yonael Bernard.

Each bottle is presented beautifully in a craft wood case with neck tag, the location and details of the cask are clearly communicated to the customer.

Lambay Cask Strength 2545 Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

Official Lambay Whiskey Tasting Notes Cask No 2545

A darker liquid in colour to its predecessor – Cask 4613 , this cask strength whiskey is full of rich wood and floral notes, the triple distillation of the Single Malt and long period of maturation in the cognac cask on Lambay Island makes for a surprisingly sweet long-lasting smooth finish – especially for this high strength whiskey.

“Cask No 4596 was first exclusively released in Dubai Duty Free and Cask 4616 released to our partners -Toko Trading in Japan last year, with another private cask sale to a German buyer this year. Cask 2545 follows this year’s successful release of Cask 4613 and is our pleasure to release to our ever-growing fanbase a diversity of these expressions in their glass.”

commented Sabine Sheehan – Global Brand Ambassador & Senior Brand Manager for LIWC.

70 cl / 56.5% ABV / Non-Chill Filtered/ RRP €140

Colour: Dark Mahogany Brown

Nose: Mature Cognac Cask, Mature Plums, Cherries & Oak

Taste: Old Cognac, Cherry, Safran, Walnut

Finish: Long lasting sweetness with Oak and Salt

We have awarded this Cask Strength Irish Whiskey a well earned Pooka 3 Classification.

Pooka 3 Premium Irish Whiskey

Launched in 2018, Lambay Irish Whiskey Company (LIWC) is one of the new innovative award-winning craft whiskey brands from Ireland, now in over 34 markets, Duty Free and online with a dedicated Lambay e-Store.

Lambay Irish Whiskey. Whiskey Blogger Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

Lambay Irish Whiskey company is an independent whiskey bottler and blender and continue to grow their portfolio and distribution in global markets. Awarded with over 30 whiskey industry medals since launch, the unique taste of Lambay Whiskey is far-reaching and recognized for its exceptional quality and taste.

Lambay Irish Whiskey Company are not distillers but independently source their spirit from leading independent Irish distilleries. The spirit is usually matured in bourbon casks before the expertise of French cognac maturation and blending begin. Water from the islands own Trinity Well is added to blend at bottling stage, keeping the whiskey as unique as the island that inspires it!



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