International Irish Whiskey Day, an annual international celebration of Irish Whiskey takes place next Tuesday 3rd March – 3/3.

International Irish Whiskey Day 3 March 3/3

The 3rd March date was chosen for International Day of Irish Whiskey celebrations because of the significance of the number 3 in Irish Whiskey and in Ireland.

  • There are three styles of Irish Whiskey, Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still.
  • Irish Whiskey must be matured for three years before it may be called whiskey.
  • There is a tradition of Irish Whiskey being Triple Distilled.

The whole idea of Irish Whiskey Day (recognised by International Days of the Year) is to coordinate a global Irish Whiskey Tasting on Social Media using the HashTag IrishWhiskeyDay. Last year’s 2019 Irish Whiskey Day yielded a social media reach of over 400,000.

Irish Whiskey Day Social Media Reach Irish Whiskey Blog

Irish Whiskey Day 2019 Yielded A Social Media Reach Of Over 400,000

Just Over A Week To Go To Celebrate International Irish Whiskey Day On Tuesday 3Rd March - 3/3. The 3Rd March Date Was Chosen Because Of The Significance Of The Number 3 In Irish Whiskey And In Ireland. There Are Three Styles Of Irish Whiskey, Single Grain, Single Malt And Single Pot Still. Irish Whiskey Must Be Matured For Three Years Before It May Be Called Whiskey. There Is A Tradition Of Irish Whiskey Being Triple Distilled. The Whole Idea Of Irish Whiskey Day Is To Coordinate A Global Irish Whiskey Tasting On Social Media Using The Hashtag #Irishwhiskeyday. Last Year'S Event Yielded A Social Media Reach Of Over 400,000. Irish Whiskey Day On 3Rd March Is Exactly Two Weeks To The Day Before St Patrick’s Day, So These Global Irish Whiskey Day &Quot;Drink Responsibly&Quot; Tasting Events Are An Ideal Opportunity For The Irish Diaspora Around The World To Hone Their Irish Whiskey Tasting Skills And Knowledge Two Weeks In Advance Of The International St Patrick’s Day Celebrations On 17 March. For Further Details, On Irish Whiskey Day And Advice For Beginners On Hosting And Running Your Own Irish Whiskey Day Tasting Event, See Http:// #Whiskey #Irishwhiskey #Irishwhiskeyday #Whisky #Bordbia

Irish Whiskey Day on 3rd March is exactly two weeks to the day before St Patrick’s Day, so these global Irish Whiskey Day “Drink Responsibly” Tasting events are an ideal opportunity for the Irish Diaspora around the world to hone their Irish Whiskey Tasting Skills and Knowledge two weeks in advance of the international St Patrick’s Day celebrations on 17 March.

Coincidentally, (for our American readers) 3rd March or 3/3 this year also coincides with Super Tuesday in the US Presidential elections. So, please drink and vote responsibly!

Irish Whiskey Tastings 3Rd March 3/3 How To Run An Irish Whiskey Tasting

Get Some Helpful Hints, Tips And Advice On How To Run Your Own Irish Whiskey Tasting Event At Http:// For Example, Use 15Ml To 20Ml Measures For Responsible Drinking Tasting Samples.

For further details, on Irish Whiskey Day and advice for beginners on hosting and running your own Irish Whiskey Day Tasting event, see

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