Irish Whiskey Auction in aid of Zoe Murphy Appeal

Irish Whiskey Auction in aid of Zoe Murphy Appeal

Have you ever wanted to own one of the very first bottles of whiskey from a new Irish Whiskey  brand or distillery?

Well, this may be your chance!

Irish Whiskey Auctions are hosting a very special whiskey auction over the Christmas holidays in aid of the Zoe Murphy Appeal.

Up for auction are three individually numbered bottles (Number 10 in each case) of the very first Single Malt, Single Grain and blended Irish Whiskeys from John Teeling’s Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk. These are the “First Born” expressions.

Also on offer is bottle number 397 of the 399 bottle first release ever of Portmagee 9, a blend of Nine Year Old Single Grain and Thirteen Year Old Single Malt Whiskeys finished in Barbados Rum Casks from Portmagee Whiskey.


Three Two-year-old Zoe Murphy from Ireland, was born with a PVL brain injury causing quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. She is now a candidate for surgery in the USA — at a cost of €100,000. Living in Dundalk, the homeplace of Irish Whiskey Auctions and Great Northern Distillery (owned by John Teeling)  and also a former childhood home town of myself, all profits made from the sale of these four unique Irish Whiskey bottles will go towards supporting Zoe’s  family in their efforts to raise €100,000 for the life-changing surgery.

At time of writing the amount raised on her Go Fund Me page at is over €63,500, so looking good – but still some way to go.

Irish Whiskey Auctions for Charity


First Born Whiskey from The Great Northern Distillery

First Born is the collective brand name given to the very first whiskeys to be distilled and matured at the Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk owned by Irish Whiskey Legend Dr. John Teeling. The management and staff of The Great Northern Distillery have very kindly dontated three very special and exclusive whiskey bottles to the whiskey auction in aid of Zoe Murphy’s appeal.

These are the “Number 10”  individually numbered bottles of the three  very first whiskey expressions to be distilled and matured at The Great Northern Distillery and as such have significant historic importance and provenance.

  • From the First cask of single malt triple distilled Irish whiskey, bottle number 10 of only 385 which were bottled on 29/11/2018
  • From the first Cask of single grain Irish Whiskey bottle number 10 of only 438 which were bottled on 25/09/2018
  • From casks laid down in 2015 Blended Irish whiskey bottle number 10 of just 1,000 which were bottled on14/12/2018

All 3 Bottles are individually personally signed by Dr. John Teeling and are complete with their presentation Tubes .

Also included is the hand made modern oak tantalus that was made by luxebox Ireland for the display at Whiskey Live 2018


Portmagee Whiskey Gets In The Spirit


Bottle 397 of Portmagee Whiskey’s exclusive 399 bottle first release is up for grabs for one lucky bidder.

Portmagee Whiskey Review by Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara

A Non Age Statement Expression of Portmagee Whiskey with a Barbados Rum Cask Finish will be released in 2019.

Portmagee Whiskey is a new Irish Whiskey brand based in Portmagee Co. Kerry, but which also has strong links with Great Northern Distillery and Dundalk. Portmagee 9, bottled and released in recent weeks is believed to be the only nine-year old Irish whiskey currently on the market.

A collector’s item, this triple distilled whiskey, blended from a Nine Year Old Single Grain and Thirteen Year Old Single Malt is from the first Cask of Ireland’s most westerly whiskey brand. This is bottle 397 of the 399 Limited Release expression from Cask 1 of a brand new whiskey company with plans to build their own distillery in coming years. A huge opportunity for an Irish Whiskey Collector to secure a small piece of Irish Whiskey History for themselves.

Speaking as a member of the Portmagee Whiskey team, the story of Zoe Murphy has touched the hearts of many and we hope that by donating this unique and special whiskey bottle, that we can contribute to the fundraising efforts and help this remarkable little girl and her family to make the journey to the US.”

Only a limited number of bottles were produced for this first batch with sales restricted to the local  people of South Kerry who have been involved in helping Portmagee Whiskey reach this milestone. So this is also a unique opportunity from someone outside  not just Kerry, but Ireland to secure one of the first ever bottles from Cask 1 of the very first release of Kerry’s second and most westerly whiskey brand.

 The limited-edition bottle is number 397 of 399 individually numbered bottles and is also hand-signed by myself, Stuart McNamara as a Director of Portmagee Whiskey.

These are four quite Unique Whiskeys

According to Anthony Sheehy, Founder of Irish Whiskey Auctions.

“Every now and then an auction line-up comes along that has Whiskey collectors and connoisseurs on the edge of their seats with excitement. These bottles will be the lot to watch of our third Irish Whiskey Auction,’

Anthony continued:

“As an auction site, the only thing that excites us as much as old whiskey, is a brand new one. These bottles are not just rare, they are entirely unique. All funds from the sale of these four very special Irish Whiskey  bottles will go directly to the Zoe Murphy Appeal, so we encourage people to get online and get bidding. Irish Whiskey Auctions are also donating the commission fees from the sale of the se four bottles to the charity.”

 Running for just nine days, the online auction launches this Friday – December 21st at 5pm and runs until 7pm Sunday 30th December.

For more information and to place a bid on either or both auction offerings, see



For more information on Portmagee Whiskey, visit

For more information on the The Great Northern Distillery, visit

My Christmas Appeal for Zoe Murphy

For those who enjoy following my whiskey blog, but may not have the spare cash to enter a bid on one of these exclusive auction offers, could I ask that you pop over to Zoe’s Go Fund Me page at and leave a small donation of €5 or €10 or more towards Zoe’s cause.

Have a lovely and peaceful Christmas everyone and see you all in 2019!

Happy Christmas all!

Kind regards,



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