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A Slight Change of Direction for Irish Whiskey .Com

Because I have a busy professional life which has nothing whatsoever to do with Irish Whiskey. I spend quite a lot of time working abroad and away from home. So when I am busy professionally, the frequency of my blogging here on Irish Whiskey .Com is often somewhat intermittent.

Stuart McNamara Irish Whiskey Blogger Irish Whiskey .Com

Whiskey Blogger Research at Sonny Molloys Whiskey Bar Galway.

For the same reason, I am often unable to accept the many kind invitations that I receive each month at short notice to attend distillery and product launches, tasting events, etc. here in Ireland. For those invitations that I have been unable to accept, please accept both my thanks for being invited and my apologies for not being able to attend. A special mention here to the super kind folks in Sonny Molloys! I do hope to call in over Christmas!!

In parallel to this, I have gradually completed the assembly of my new @WhiskeyBlogger brand over the last year or so with an international or general whisk(e)y blogging site at supported by social media accounts under @WhiskeyBlogger on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This general whisk(e)y blog will be the main focus of my part-time whiskey blogging going forward. In time, I hope to further develop the @WhiskeyBlogger brand along with some supporting or partner sites at,, Whiskey, Eventually, I hope I may manage a resumption of my pilot or test podcasting at

Barry Crockett Midleton Pearl Irish Whiskey Launch Stuart McNamara Irish Whiskey Blogger Irish Whiskey .Com

At Midleton Distillery with Master Distillers Barry Crockett and Brian Nation as they open the very first bottle of Midleton Pearl. Photo kindly shared by Mark Gillespie of

As I definitely don’t have time to run two whiskey blogs, I am changing the content profile of Irish Whiskey .Com from a news, reviews and opinion type blog to a newsletter type blog.

Irish Whiskey Press Releases

From here on, the blog articles on IrishWhiskey .Com will consist of either unedited, but appropriate Irish Whiskey press releases or short news items, snippets and updates.

All Press Releases will be suitably badged and labeled to indicate that they are press releases or advertorial. These “Press Release”  blog postings will consist solely of the body of the press release and associated imagery. Personal and private contact details of PR companies and marketing staff will of course not be published.

The local language translations of the site at IrishWhiskey.Fr, IrishWhiskey.Jp, etc. and other country sites will remain active.

In time, I would hope that this Irish Whiskey archive would become a useful online resource or repository of Irish Whiskey News.

Also, from today, any substantive articles about Irish Whiskey, Irish Whiskey reviews or opinion pieces on Irish Whiskey written by me will be carried in the Irish Whiskey section of

Walsh Whiskey Royal Oak Distillery The Irishman Stuart McNamara Irish Whiskey Blogger Irish Whiskey .Com

Stuart Visits Royal Oak Distillery’s Still Hall with Whiskey Ambassador Woody Kane.

The Irish Whiskey Trails

One of the most frequent questions that I receive each month from international readers of IrishWhiskey.Com relates to their planned vacations to Ireland, seeking my advice and recommendations on the best whiskey bars and distilleries tours to visit.

The Irish Whiskey Trail. Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara Irish Whiskey .Com

The Irish Whiskey Trail is a smartphone-friendly guide to Irish Whiskey Tourism.

This led me to create and develop The Irish Whiskey Trail, Dublin Whiskey Trail and Wild Atlantic Way Whiskey Trail Whiskey Tourism sites as permanent, smartphone-friendly guides to my favourite whiskey tourism venues in Ireland.

The Irish Whiskey Trail sites will all remain unchanged, but they will have the added bonus in the future of being promoted internationally on

Irish Whiskey Day

I created the Irish Whiskey Day project a few years ago and have been delighted to see it slowly build traction and momentum both in Ireland and abroad with each passing year. The social media reach alone last year exceeded 250,000.

Irish Whiskey Day or International Irish Whiskey Day is celebrated on the third of March or 3/3 each year. I picked this date because of the significance of the number 3 in Irish Whiskey.

  • Triple Distillation. (Typical of Irish Whiskey, but there are exceptions!)
  • Three years to mature as Irish whiskey.
  • Three types of Irish Whiskey (Single Malt, Single Grain andSingle Pot Still).

3rd March is also exactly two weeks before St Patrick’s day, so I thought that there might be an opportunity here to educate and inform an international audience about the wonders and quality of Irish Whiskey two weeks before the big day. I have probably taken this project as far as I can with my limited resources, so if the Irish Whiskey sector or trade association would like to take it to the next level, please contact me. My door is always open.

2020 and

To my many friends and contacts in the Irish and International Whisk(e)y worlds, many thanks again for sharing your friendship, fun and advice over the past few years on Irish Whiskey .Com.

I look forward to your continuing support in the future at

Kind regards,


Whiskey Blogger
Whiskey Blogger

Stuart McNamara (@WhiskeyBlogger) is an international Whiskey Blogger who edits several International Whisk(e)y and Whiskey Tourism sites including and He is Chair of the Irish Craft And Artisan Distilleries Association (ICADA) and is an elected member of the National Council of ISME, the Irish SME Association. He is also the creator and editor of International Irish Whiskey Day which is celebrated on 3/3 or 3rd March each year and had a global social media reach in 2021 of over 20 Million. He is a Director of Portmagee Whiskey and has also acted as both a brand and product development consultant to several other Irish Whiskey and other spirits producers.

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