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HYDE premium Irish whiskey is handcrafted in very small limited edition batches and non-chill filtered for a more original character.


‘Hyde Irish Whiskey is  premium Irish Whiskey company who carefully source and select their whiskey from an independent Irish distillery. Hyde then work their own magic on the sourced premium whiskey by finishing it in their own casks at their bonded warehouse in little Island, County Cork, on Ireland’s South Western Atlantic Coast. The Cork region is famous for its temperate climate, creating the ideal, stable conditions, with perfect humidity, in which to age Irish whiskey.

HYDE is presidential quality Irish whiskey which is named in honour of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde, a very inspirational figure who helped to define Ireland’s sense of national identity. As an academic he played a fundamental role in cataloguing Ireland’s rich cultural history and championing the Irish language.

At HYDE we carefully hand select only the very finest Irish whiskey, made by only the very best Irish whiskey distilleries, which we then ‘finish’ in vintage oak casks sourced directly from distilleries and bodegas around the world. We apply specific ‘charring’ levels to our vintage casks in order to create a whiskey taste that is rich in character and truly unique in flavour.

We also source ‘new make’ Single Malt and Single Grain Irish whiskey, made to our very stringent specifications, from third party Irish distilleries. We then age this ‘new make’ spirit in our own casks, for over three years, at our bonded warehouse in Little Island in Cork Harbour, County Cork.

We primarily ‘finish’ our HYDE Irish whiskey in Sherry, Rum, Bourbon and Burgundy casks. However we also experiment in ageing HYDE Irish whiskey in Port, Madeira, Cognac, Cider, and IPA Beer casks.

At HYDE we put a lot of time and effort into developing unique and innovative Irish whiskey expressions, each of which has a very distinct character, thanks to the carefully managed casks and the idyllic Cork coastal climate, both perfect for maturing Irish whiskey in.

As such, our primary area of focus and expertise at HYDE is the cask ‘Wood Management’ and that is where we add the magic. The time and effort that we put in to sourcing vintage casks from around the world is what allows us to take a great Irish whiskey and make it taste event better. This is why we have won just so many internationally recognised awards for our HYDE whiskey.

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It is it is well recognised that 60% to 80% of the final whiskey taste is as a direct result of the cask in which the whiskey was aged and the local climate where the cask was aged.

At HYDE our motto is “It’s all about the wood”, without the wood there would be no whiskey.

HYDE provides the discerning whiskey drinker with a fuller, more complex, flavour and a distinctive personality. We do not chill filter any of our whiskey, unlike the majority on the market, which we believe produces a more natural tasting whiskey.

We produce in very small limited batches of just 5,000 bottles per batch. Each bottle carries a unique bottle identification and batch number allowing it to be traced right back to its original wooden cask and fill date.

A true taste of IRELAND – Ireland’s Presidential whiskey!


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Conor Hyde

The HYDE family have a long tradition of being involved in the drinks business in Ireland.

The HYDE family were well known Tavern owners at ‘Tinkers Cross’ outside Bandon in West Cork, from 1640 to 1962. Here the Hydes would sell Irish whiskey and draught Irish Stout straight from wooden casks that they would tap by hand with a wooden mallet and a brass tap.

This same HYDE Tavern was also a Blacksmiths forge for over 300 years.
The HYDE family were Vintners here for six generations.

So it is safe to say that the drink business runs in the HYDE family for over twelve generations, since 1640. At one stage in 1916, our grandfather, granduncle, and grandaunt all owned an Irish pub in Bandon, West Cork.

Today Alan & Conor Hyde are the first generation of Hyde’s not to own a Pub in West Cork, Ireland, but the HYDEs are still selling some of Ireland’s finest Irish whiskey.



Douglas HYDE ( 1860–1949) was the first president of Ireland from 1938 to 1945. He was inaugurated at 12pm on the 25th of June 1938, which was the inaugural presidential ceremony in Ireland’s long and troublesome history.
The HYDE Irish whiskey range has been created in honour of President Douglas Hyde. The years used in the design of each HYDE expression have a direct link to significant dates in Irish history that are directly associated with President Douglas Hyde:

• 1860 – Douglas Hyde’s birth year.
• 1916 – The start of the Irish Rebellion
• 1922 – The Establishment of the Irish Free State
• 1938 – The year Douglas Hyde was inaugurated as president of Ireland.

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